Sudarśana Sūri

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Also known as Vyâsârya, Veda Vyâsa Bhaṭṭa, Sudarśana Bhaṭṭa, and Srutaprakasika-acharya. The author of the Srutaprakasika, the famed commentary on the Sribhashya.

He is descended from the second son of Kurattalvan, also named Veda Vyâsa Bhaṭṭa.


  • Srutaprakasika
  • Srutapradipika. A shorter commentary on the Sribhashya.
  • Tatparyadipika. A commentary on the Vedarthasangraha.
  • Commentary on Saranagati Gadya
  • Tatparya Darsana. A commentary on the Apastamba Grhya Sutra.
  • Subala Upanishad Vivarana
  • Saravali. Commentary on the Vedanta Sara.
  • Sandhya Bhashya. Explanation of sandhyavandana.
  • Sukapakshiya. Commentary on the 10th skandha of the Bhagavata Purana.