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Re: [srivenugopala] Daya Shatakam & NavarAthri Celebrations : Glory of DayA Devi Part II

From: Aravind Gopalan (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 05:31:05 PDT

SrimathE Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikaya Nama:
Sri RanganAtha Divyamani pAdhukAbhyAm Nama:


Asmad Acharyan Srimad Andavan was blessing His sishyaa
Ghosthi with His anubhavam of the first slokam of Sri
Daya Shatakam by Swami KavithArkika Simham. AdiyEn
thought of sharing it here.

Any mistake in the following only reflects adiyEn's
poor grasping power or not being a proper 'pAthram'
for Srimad Andavan's anubhava parivAham.

1st slokam: prapadhyE tham girim prAya:.....

Acharya said : Emperuman is in five forms. Para,
VyUha, Vibhava, Archaavatharam and AntAryAmi. For a
moment we shall not consider the fifth one - Antaryami
which is common to all.

Para Vasudevan is a Huge 'karumbu'(sugar cane). This
Karumbu can be enjoyed  only by NithyAs and MukthAs.
So out of Daya Devi's compulsion this karumbu gives
rise to a Big ocean of karumbu rasam , which are
nothing but the vyUhA avatharam. This ocean of karumbu
rasam will not serve any purpose for most of us who
are akinchinAs and is accessible  only for YOgis. So
instead of staying there - in those unreachable places
- the BIG POOL of karumbu rasam overflowed and flooded
the earth as Rama, Krishna - DasAvatharams. But again
this flood of karumbu rasam on earth will be staying
only for a short time as it runs fast and will be
accessible only for people living at that time ! So to
be enjoyed by everyone beyond the times of the vibhava
avatharams it just solidified as 'Thirumalai' so that
bhakthaas of all periods can take their own time and
enjoy  Emperuman!

It all happened because Emperuman is a dAsan of His
Daya Devi!

Pizhai adiyEnnudayadhu NiRai Asmad Acharyanudayadhu.

AchAryALum BhagavathALum KatAkshikavEnum.

AravindalOchana dAsAnudAsan.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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