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Re: Basis for divya-mangala-vigraha

From: Ute Huesken (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 07:02:52 PDT

Dear Mani,
vaikhAnasasmArtasUtra, 4.12 (chapter on nityArAdhana) mentions the house and
the temple as place where NArAyaNa should be constantly worshipped with
"dvijAtir atandrito nityaM gRhe devAyatane vA bhaktyA bhagavantaM nArAyaNaM
Thus one can indirectly conclude that at least in the temple there is an
image of NArAyaNa.

The BodhAyanagRhyaSeSasUtra can be considered an appendix to the
BodhAyanagRhyasUtra, ed. in the same volume by R. Shama Sastri (Panini
Vaidika Granthamala, 3), New Delhi, 1920 (repr. 1982).
There, after some details regarding domestic rituals, quite lengthy chapters
- viSNupratiSThAkalpa
- mahApuruSasyAhAraH paricaryAvidhi
- viSNusnapanavidhi
are given, These are followed by similar chapters on Rudra
(rudrapratiSThAkalpa, etc.), then durgA, SrI, sarasvatI etc.

These passages in the BodhAyanagRhyaSeSasUtra are dealt with in the Ph-D
thesis of P.N.U. Harting: "Selections from the
BaudhAyana-GRhyapariSiSTasUtra". There seems to be a close relationship
between VaikhAnasagRhyasUtra and this text.

There is another vaidika text which describes image worship, namley the
RgvidhAna of Saunaka (analysed by M.S. Bhatt in his excellent work "Vedic
Tantrism - A study of RgvidhAna of Saunka with text and translation", Delhi,

Best regards

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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