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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.10- The Great Help of Emperumaan!

Date: Tue Dec 16 1997 - 06:03:49 PST

Dearest Sister and Brothers,
	Today's is the tenth thiruvaaimozhi of mudhal patthu. Let us take a dip
into it and be blessed by AzhwAr and Diva Dampathis. Read them with fullest
concentration and be rest assured that you will get jnAnam to the fullest
extent. (I am not saying; AzhwAr says)

1.poru maa neeL padai aazhi sanghatthodu/thiru maa neeL soozha yEzh ulagum
thozha/oru maaNicka kuRaL aagi nimirntha ak/karu maaNickam en kaNNuLadhu

"My Emeprumaan- The Blue hued Dark Emerald, Vaamanan who grew SKY HIGH and
whose Feet were paid obeisance by everyone in Seven lOkAs; who has the
Great, strong, Famous sanghu (Divine Conch) and chakrA (Divine Discuss); -
Such Emperumaan is in MY EYES; (means He has become the object of my eyes)"

2.kaNNuLLE niRkum kaadhanmaiyaal thozhil/eNNilum varum en ini vENduvam/
maNNum neerum nal vaayuvum/viNNum aay viriyum em piraanaiyE/

"The Earth, Water, Fire, Fresh Air, Space (AagAyam), - Emeprumaan takes the
form of these five elements- (If I prostarte to Him with Bhakti, then He
will make me see Him standing in front of my eyes; and by thinking of Him
in my mind He will stand in front of me; What Else Do I need?"

3.em piraanai enthai thanthai thanthaikkum/thampiraanai thaN thaamaraik
kombhu araavunuN nEr idai maarbhani/em piraanaith thozhaay mada nenjamE/

"Oh (my) foolish mind! To my bhagawaan- Not only mine, (but) also of my
father and all ancestors before him; To such Emperumaan- who has the eyes
identical to cool, lotus flowers, -who has the beloved piraatti MahA
lakshmi having the soft, beautiful waist similar to the creeper,- pay
obeisance to Him;"

4. nenjamE nallai nallai unnaip peRRaal/ en seyyOm ini enna kuRaivinam/
maindhanai malaraaL maNavaaLanaith/ thunjum pOdhum vidaathu thodar kaNdaay/

"Oh (my) mind! You are really beneficial; If I have as my friend, then what
can I not do? I can do and finish anything. What other grievance do I have?
No grievances absolutely. The Youthful Lord, The Beloved Lord of Maha
Lakshmi  even if I separate myself from Him; you continue with Him;"

5.kaNdaayE nenjE karumangaL vaaykkinRu Or/eN thaanum inRiyE vandhu
iyalumaarRu/uNdaanai ulaghu yEzhum Or moovadi/ koNdaanaik kaNdukoNdanai

"Oh (my) mind! You also have realised the Emperumaan  the One who had
swallowed the Seven lOkas; who had measured the three worlds with just
three measurements of His small(!) Feet; - Now when thing are materialising
(when we are blessed by His mercy), can you see it is happening even
without our thinking about it? (dearest sisters and brothers, I guess,
Azhwar has already started seeing the Emperumaan, by now and he is

6. neeyum naanum in nEr niRkil mEl maRROr/nOyum saarkodaan nenjamE sonnEn/
thaayum thanthaiyum aay iv vulaginil/ vaayum eesan maNivaNNan enthaiyE/

"Oh (my) mind! If you and I continue to stand (firm) like this and follow
without separating ourselves from Emperumaan, then the One who has taken
the avatars as the father and mother in this world, the One who is dark
blue hued colour, will never let any disease come anyway near us; It is

7.enthaiyE enRum em perumaan enRum/ sinthaiyuL vaippan solluvaan paaviyEn/
enthai em perumaan enRu vaanavar/ sinthaiyuL vaitthuch chollum selvanaiyE/

"The Lord- who is thought of as " My Father! My Emperumaan!" by dEvAs, - To
such Lord even I- the Biggest Sinner- will also praise Him as "My Father!"
And "My Emperumaan!" with my mouth (talking) and think of Him;"

8.selva narAyaNan enRa sol kEttalum/ malgum kaN pani naaduvan maayamE/
allum nan pagalum idaiveedu inRi/ nalgi ennai vidaan nambhi nambhiyE/

"The moment I hear "Sriman NarayaNan", tears start falling down from my
eyes; and I start searching for Him; (Looks like, now Sri Hari has
disappeared from AzhwAr's vision!) This is a wonder! (Because) The One who
is full of Grand Good kalyANa GuNAs, during the day and the night as well
(at all times) is merciful towards me and believes that I am His servant
and is not leaving me."

9.nambhyaith then kuRungudi ninRa ach/ semponE thigazhum thirumoorthiyai/ 
umbhar vaanavar aadhi am jOthiyai/ empiraanai en solli maRappanO/

"The One who is full of Grand Good kalyANa GuNAs- The One who stands at
Thirukkurungudi,- The One who emanates light rays and shines like the red
Gold;- The One who is the Primordial Cause, Chief and the array of Great
luster for the great dEvAs;- Such Emeprumaan- How will I forget (means 
Due to what reason can I forget?)"

10.maRappum jnAnamum naan onRu uNarnthilan/ maRakkum enRu senthaamaraik
kaNNodu/maRappu aRa en uLLE manninaan thannai/ maRappanO ini yaan en

"Even after realising that I do not know the way of forgetting(like last
pAsuram) and then knowing Him, He still thinks that this guy will
ultimately forget me and decides to stay with me as my Blue Pearl, my
Emperumaan  Of such Emperumaan  will I ever be able to forget Him?

11.maNiyai vaanavar kaNNanaith thannadhu Or/ aNiyaith then kurugoorch
sadagOpan sol/paNi sey aayiratthuL ivai patthudan/ thaNivilar kaRparEl
kalvi vaayumE/

"The One who shines like The Blue Pearl; The Chief of dEvAs; He himself, an
ornament for Him;- About Him, SadagOpan, born in Thirukkurugoor, through
his words of these ten pAsurams out of 1000 pAsurams offered his kainkaryam
to the Lord; If one learns these ten pAsurams with fullest concentration,
(and does not get satisfied with his learning), then they will get Great
knowledge (jnAnam)" 
Such an excellent mudhal patthu- (The first Hundred) _ with His grace and
with the blessings of AzhwAr, Lord enabled me to complete this; This would
not have been possible but for the tremendous amount of encouraging words
by all of you, in spite of my poor knowledge and free translation. I really
enjoy writing it. After this mudhal patthu, while you all are busy with
ThiruppAvai maHothsavam at your Home and in your PC (thru the excellent
meanings), I am sad that I am going to miss them; since we are leaving for
vacation to SriRangam on Dec 20th and will be back to S' Pore only by Jan
19th. Simulataneously, Mudhal patthu will lead me to enjoy the pagal patthu
and raap patthu as well as Vaikuta EkAdasi and NammAzhwAr mOksham. In my
eyes you all will be there; I will pray to the Sriya: pathiand NammAzhwAr
to bless me with enough strength to continue my kainkaryam for the
remaining NINE PATTHUS (!)- 900 pASURAMS.

thanks for your patience (Don't Go away! This is only a temporary relief
for you; I will come back fully recharged!) 

Ram Ram

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

adiyEn madhavakkaNNan