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Welcome to the Sri Vaishnava Home Page, dedicated to Sri Vaishnavism, one of the preeminent religious traditions of Hinduism. Over its long history, Sri Vaishnavism has influenced nearly every aspect of Indian religious life.

Sri Vaishnavism is a multifaceted tradition that has both popular and philosophical aspects. These pages attempt to present a glimpse into a few sides of this religion -- its vibrant temple culture, the philosophical love poetry of the Alvar saints, the Vedanta discourses of the Upanishadic sages, the penetrating insight of the acharyas -- all culminating in the grand philosophy of Visishtadvaita.

Visishtadvaita is the system of thought embodied by the Vedanta, the philosophical portion of the Vedas, India's ancient scriptures. The central principle of Visishtadvaita is this: there exists an Ultimate Reality, an Absolute Being that is the immanent spirit and inner guide and controller of the whole universe with all its diverse animate and inanimate elements. Communion with this gracious, omnipotent Supreme Being constitutes the supreme end of existence. Such communion is attainable exclusively through self-surrender and devoted, loving meditation.

Please read my brief (and incomplete) introduction to Sri Vaishnava philosophy before proceeding. Feel free to browse the archives of the Bhakti email discussion group.

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What's New

Srirangam, Tirupati, Tiruvahindrapuram, more...
Andal, Nammalvar, Tiruppaan, Tirumangai, more...
One of the most influential philosophers of India, and the most important teacher of Sri Vaishnavism. Ramanuja's works:
  • Vedarthasangraha
  • Sribhashya
  • (more to come...)
    One of the foremost poets and philosophers of India; a versatile genius who permanently set Ramanuja's philosophy on firm footing. [image] Peruse his stotras.
    One of the greatest and best loved Sri Vaishnava acharyas; responsible for the renewal of Sri Vaishnavism in the 15th century. (in progress)
  • Divya Prabandham
  • Vedas - Purusha Sukta , Meditations taught in the Vedanta
  • Ramayana
  • Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra
  • Ramanuja's Vedarthasangraha
  • Ramanuja's Sribhashya
  • Stotras of Vedanta Desika
  • More to come...

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  • The Vedic Wedding.
  • Upakarma / Avani Avittam
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