Achyuta Satakam of Sri Vedanta Desika

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This is a stotra in Praakritam (a vernacular dialect derived from Sanskrit). Ladies in ancient Sanskrit plays were invariably made to talk only in this language. As Desika regarded himself as a naayika (a lady in love) in regard to the Lord of Tiruvahindrapuram, he must have sung this stotra in what he himself calls “cintai-kavar-praakritam” (Praakritam that attracts the mind). The poet himself has named the stotra as Achyuta Satakam. The names Dēvanâtha, and Dasa-satya also occur very frequently in addition to the name Achyuta. Being a satakam (100 slokas) several topics of philosophy and religion are dealt with in detail. After the prefatory portion, the stotra can be seen to deal with the Lord’s svarupa up to Sloka 25. As in Devanayaka Panchasat here also the several parts (angas) of the Lord’s Tirumeni (Body) are enjoyed in the order from head to foot (34 to 43). Slokas 44 to 65 deal elaborately with several aspects of the greatness of the Lord’s Devotees. Slokas 72 onwards are about the poet himself, his present afflicted state, his hopes, fears and prayers, and appeals for help and succour. The stotra winds up with a request to the Lord to receive him as a bridegroom receives his bride at a wedding (100).