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Sribhashya Mangala Slokam and Introduction

Sutra 1.1.1: The Desire to Know Brahman (jijñâsâdhikaraṇam)

The Smaller Objection (laghu pūrvapaksha)

Objection: Action (karma) and its investigation are not necessary and are indeed opposed to liberating knowledge

The Smaller Conclusion (laghu siddhânta)

Response: Proper Action and Investigation of its Nature is certainly a prerequisite; Knowledge of the form of Meditation is the Means to Liberation and not Knowledge of Identity

The Great Objection (mahâ-pūrvapaksha)

Objection: The True Nature of Reality is Pure, Attributeless Consciousness. Brahman is not a knowable object but is Knowledge itself. The individual and the universe are false illusions.

The Great Conclusion (mahâ-siddhânta)

Response: Brahman has attributes (guṇa) and forms (vigraha), and manifests Itself as this Universe (vibhūti). The universe and the individual are not illusory. Brahman is knowable. This is supported by the Vedas and other means of knowledge.

Examination of the Objection using Pure Reason

Examination of the Objection in Light of the Veda (śruti)

Examination of the Objection in Light of Supporting Texts (smṛti)

Critical Examination of the Advaita Theory of Avidya

The Adhikarana Proper

Sutra 1.1.2: From which All Originates… (janmadhikaranam)



Logic and Knowledge (nyâya)

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