Sudarsana Ashtakam

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This stotra of eight slokas (plus one phalasruti) is in praise of Sudarsana, the weapon known as chakraayudha held by the Lord in His right hand. Sudarsana is Hetiraja or king of weapons. His power to protect those who seek his help, His beauty of form, His greatness and glory on which all the Devas rely — are all sung about in a very attractive metre (vrittam) called dhriti chandas. The last quarter in each sloka is the same, like a refrain. Even if our mind-chariot runs over uneven terrain, we will be protected by this great wheel (chakra) if we read and recite this stotra in his praise (9).

वक्ता, श्रोता, वचन-विशयः, प्रीयतां वेङ्कटेशः