Paramartha Stuti

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Lord Vijayaraghava Perumal of Tirupputkuzhi (50th mile from Madras on the Madras-Bangalore Trunk Road) is celebrated in this stotra of 10 slokas. This Perumal has been referred to by Tirumangai Alvar as Poreru (valorous in war). Following that, Desika addresses the Lord as Rana-pungava and Aahava-pungava. The name of the kshetra is Tirupputkuzhi (Sacred bird pit). Jatayu Pushkarani (tank) is next east of the temple and there is a small shrine for Jatayu on its eastern bank Slokas 1 and 7 refer to Jatayu, the puL or bird referred to.

This stotram has been sung for the daily contemplation of Prapannas as stated in sloka 10. The paramartha or supreme meaning can be said to have been stated in slokas 6 and 9.

वक्ता, श्रोता, वचन-विशयः, प्रीयतां वेङ्कटेशः