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After Sri Stuti comes Bhu Stuti, a hymn in praise of Mother Earth, who is also a Consort of the Lord, and who has a Vedic suktam (Bhu Sukta) in her praise, even as Sri has Sri Suktam. This stotra consists of 33 slokas the last of which (33) incorporates the words of the Sruti, “asya-IsAnA jagato vishnu-patnI”, though in a different order. (Vide also sloka 8 of Sri Stuti).

Bhumi Devi is pictured to us as the Consort of Varaha, very fondly embraced by Him while rescuing Her from the bottom of the sea. Sloka 18 celebrates the coronation (abhisheka) of Bhu Devi perched on the shoulder of Lord Varaha, from where She is said to rule over the world. In places, this Stotra describes the Lord’s love for Bhu Devi as greater than that for Sri Devi. If He gave Sri a place on His chest, He sports with Bhu Devi by placing Her on His head (10). This stotra abounds in slesha and utpreksha. All the names by which Earth is referred to are mentioned (6). Great emphasis is of course laid on the quality of kshama or forbearance, which Bhu Devi is the embodiment of. The penultimate sloka (32) is a fine pen-picture of Bhu Devi reclining on the left arm of the Lord Who holds Her soft feet in the palm of His right hand. May that Bhu Devi always confer auspiciousness on me is the prayer contained therein.

वक्ता, श्रोता, वचन-विशयः, प्रीयतां वेङ्कटेशः