How To Join

You do not need to register to watch the classes. As an unregistered user, you can watch all archived classes on our YouTube channel (click here), and upcoming classes are streamed live on this site (click here).

However, to make it more convenient for you, and to enable full participation, we ask that you register for our class. There are four steps. Please follow all of them by clicking each button below.

  1. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel


  1. Join the class email list for important class announcements


  1. Follow us on Google+ (click on the white “Follow” button below). If the button is blue you are already a Follower.


  1. Add the class calendar to your Google calendar

After Joining the Class

  • Watch and review previous classes
  • Read study material
  • Submit questions on the last class to Prof. Hebbar


Contact us by email if you have problems.