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Course Syllabus

1. The place of Buddhism among world religions and Asian ethnography

2. Religious condition in India at the advent of Buddhism

3. Life of the Buddha, his principal disciples, First Buddhist Council and the Buddhist Scriptures

4. The Second Buddhist Council; the schools of early Indian Buddhism; The life of Emperor Aśoka and the Third Council; spread into Sri-Lanka and Southeast Asia

5. Institutions of Theravāda Buddhism and Basic Teachings of Buddhism

6. Fourth Council and the schools of Indian Mahāyāna Buddhism

7. History of Buddhism in China and schools of Chinese Buddhism and Buddhism in conflict with Daoism and Confucianism

8. History of Buddhism in Korea and schools of Korean Buddhism

9. History of Buddhism in Japan and schools of Japanese Buddhism and conflict with Shinto

10. History of Buddhism in Vietnam and schools of Vietnamese Buddhism

11. History of Buddhism in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and Mongolia

12. Schools and practices of Tibetan Buddhism

13. Decline of Buddhism in India and its conflicts with Classical Hinduism

14. Buddhism and the Western World